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Ed Umland
Beavercreek, OH - Feb. 12, 2011
David did a great job for us. We'll call him next time.

Effie Sue Kemerley
Beavercreek, OH - Sept. 20, 2011
David is a highly competent piano tuner. He also goes the extra mile. He fixed a rattle in some of my keys that other piano tuners had avoided. I now recommend him to everyone who asks me to name a tuner.

Jill Csavina Raison
Bellbrook, OH - Sept. 22, 2011
I inherited a baby grand piano that is close to 100 years old. Of course there were condition issues, especially after being in storage for a year. Some of the issues I was unsure could be fixed. He went to work and tackled each problem that I had mentioned and he found a few others! He never said a problem was too difficult to fix or that the piano wasn't worth fixing (which we had heard before). My piano hasn't operated or sounded this good in years. I am very glad I found such a wonderful piano tuner. His attention to detail is unmatched.

Tim Callahan
Centerville, OH - Dec. 12, 2011
David did a great job with our piano, one that hadn't been tuned in over a decade and we had just recently retrieved all the way from my grandmother's house in New Jersey. After meticulously tuning the piano for several hours, he stayed with me for another hour to help clean dust out from under the keys and fixed a few that were sticking when played. David did a wonderful job and gave us a fantastic price. We couldn't be happier with the way the piano turned out!